Good hip-hop has nothing to prove. It is a display of this high form of art, lyrical superiority. The transfusion of music and poetry. Slincraze does it best, among the best, with his songs. With a unique attack and absolute domination on the brink in every song he writes, this one is called Homla.

Homla is a river in Malvik, in Norway. It is accurate and fitting to call this track by that name. The ridiculous hang that he has with his lyrics is just what you need to gauge. Annihilating all sense of doubt, this track brings the strafing, idiosyncratic overlap that Slincraze brings with this song. His attack is like watching Muhammad Ali box, one swing, jab and punch after another. Listen closer, and you can find him creating rhymes within the same lines. Divine to listen to. This sense of control is truly a gift, and this artist has honed it very well.  As though to show the importance of the lyrical part, a catchy, fun but minimal instrumental brings us the sense of rhythm this track needs. He’e been professionally performing for a long, long time-and here he owns the crown.

His track Varjalan (Protected) has been one of the most streamed tracks, in many indie playlists. Amma and Boss Remix have been popular with listeners too, as he chooses to bring some real good ammunition for his attacks. There is no mercy, just bullseye every time. Listen to his gripping, exciting single here: