Solar Flight is a rapper based in London who recently made his debut under his new alias. He began rapping when he was a teenager, back in 2014 under various names, like yngcalico, Purple Flame, and Natural. In 2022, he recorded and released the first song of his new project and the track is named ‘What does Love mean’. Solar Flight has started gaining recognition in the London open mic scene and has also appeared in a number of local papers. This is an artist who is going to make it big soon and there is nothing stopping him. You should give his music a try if you’re into raps that are meaningful and hold a purpose.

His debut track, ‘What does Love mean?’ is an absolute masterpiece that will make your heart skip several beats. The track starts off with a unique percussion roll that sets the vibe of the track. The vocals kick in with the bassline that is bouncy and prominent. One thing that caught my special attention was a dynamic flow. This artist surely knows how to put his emotions into words and explain them in a profound manner. The track is something that will make you think deeply about a lot of things.

All-in-all, the track is a great one! It packs an amazing instrumental laced with some ecstatic flows and lyrics that are impactful. This is surely a great debut track. Listen to the track ‘What does Love mean?’ by Solar Flight here: