Stoopid Swagg OG is the hip-hop banner with an old school style and swag that is reminiscent of 90s legends. Made with classic basslines, booming beats, and smooth rolls, Stoopid Swagg’s latest track, Stuntin on a Bitch exemplifies the artist’s grandeur. It opens with reggae accents that are whipped gradually into a resonant atmosphere. The verses are looped into a hypnotic rhythm and roll over the hefty and strident bass elevations. He keeps it simple and chill, letting the sass, swag, and charisma speak for him. It is all about the attitude, it sustains the track and provides it with context. Before you know it, you’ll be vibing to the edgy beats and badass verses. Listen Now!

iTunes Artwork for 'Stuntin on a Bitch - Single (by Stoopid Swagg OG)'

The track is produced by Trenchbaby Slim and Lizgin. The use of resounding and reflective concepts, they achieve prime production value. It not only elevates OG’s performance but surrounds it with the sonic energy and effects to drive it. Stoopid Swagg OG debuted in 2015 and has since released a litany of music that solidify his reputation as the OG.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Stuntin on a Bitch by Stoopid Swagg OG here –