Stoopid Swagg OG will make you wonder what to do with your beats. The prolific rapper has been constantly releasing songs since the beginning of the year. Each takes another height in the way rap is laid out. We’re into a new phase in hip-hop, and this man is definitely holding the flag high. This is his latest single, With All That. 

This single is produced by DJ Kronic. The beats are a testament to Stoopid Swagg OG and the kind of lines he uses. With ease, he flows around the beats that can help anyone groove. The simple piano instrumentals in the background will keep in line with his killer wordplay. There is superb energy and production that flows around in this song. There is no place on Earth where Stoopid can’t push the boredom out and get his officially gangster energy in. With All That is Stoopid Swagg OG enjoying his style and work, in a way that only a rapper who has made it in the community can. You’ll find yourself singing the lyrics very soon, and for good reason. 

Stuntin on a bitch remains my favourite, along with Bumpin. It is an incredible run for this artist, who has been running the indie weight game for some time. We can see this flow and become a larger part of this powerful identity and style. Listen to his single and follow him for more that is definitely to come!: