There is reason and meaning in music for Sweet Limb. A prolific writer and lyricist extraordinaire, this is an artist that turns to music, as much as it turns to him. His music has an intense amount of work put into it, with deft detailing and cushioned, crafted moments. This is his latest single, Dip.

Like De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest, the R&B background makes the sincere backdrop for the sound he has. Dip features exactly that, a swing and swish between chorus parts and well constructed bars. What is ironclad is the meaning and fluidity in the lyrics he uses, they are never compromised and carry the leaden weight of the song. The gentle instrumental parts serenade and cascade, helping become the warm limelight that helps focus on the lyrics. There is breathing space to listen to the formwork of the beat as well, where Sweet Limb dissipates ideas and sounds like Black Thought. The result is an extravaganza in minimalism, a page from a diary of an interesting, exothermic entity. Battling with his own demons, his words are an enticing account that peers into everyday life.

His latest EP Vibes is a shuffle between these feelings. It has tracks like Dip and Ketamine, while Kickstart understands another layer within the working mind of an artist. This is a dream worth dreaming, as it inspires. Listen to his single here: