Teadie777 know that their groove lies in the enchanting depths of post-punk. Purveyors of this underground movement, they create personal, creative and often times dissecting looks at society and where we are headed. Their latest single is called Track Name, featuring Summer Alone.

With an industrial rock guitar tone, they nail the coldness and aloof nature of this genre itself. It is a rare occurrence to thrive in something that is unabashed and speaks truth to nature. With verses not being compromised by the instruments and the rhythm carrying the track from one stop to another, this is an interesting look at the sound. Teadie777 shift to a sound more comfortable and usable for their guest feature as well. Revolving around the simple groove, the focus automatically shifts to the lyrics while the instrumentals flourish in the limelight. There is a constant pulse that is felt because of the track, owing to the composition and the bold permutations of the genre itself.

Known for their hit track Revival, there is no doubt this EP Impending Doom they have released, is going to be straight fire. Bringing like-minded musicians together to create a collection of music that resonates with an entire generation. Their music has always found its own niche, even when parts will divulge sounds and moments that are experimental. They are constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Listen to their single here: