Tony Loud Woodz doesn’t have all day to keep haters away. He’s a prolific Philly rapper, and he’s always hustling. His 2022 album What the Hell is This has some great lyrical mastery, and he continues to up his game with every release. This one is for the ones trying to keep him down. This is Bunch of Assholes.

Differences among rappers and who calls which original rap has been a debate for quite some time now. The coast wars, lyrical styles and ghostwriters have been constant trends in the hip-hop game. Tony Loud Woodz tries to change the tide. He’s got the mic, he’s got the lines, and his song slows through the groove. With an aggressive title, you might have assumed some incoherent insults being thrown across. Instead, Tony discombobulates each hater of the game with sound logic and killer lines. The bars are so heavy, at some points your shoulders might refuse to lift it. With this single, he is closer to cementing himself as a class act.

You might have chanced upon his track called Swerving if you follow indie music playlists. If not, listen to his fantastic album from earlier this year and the releases like The Free Free as well. This man is just getting started, he has penmanship and showmanship in balance. This leads to some pretty concentrated rhythm and rap pieces, far more than many are used to. Listen to his single here: