Trap Pap and SPL Haiti come together for this latest single, Counter That. With his signature quick lyrics and ability to tell it like it is, there is little to stray away from in Counter That. This is his latest single, and it is complete with a fire that fights fire.

With wonderfully produced audio, all Trap Pap has to do is lay down the bars he’s forged. The song has meticulous engineering for the beats and background audio, the verses are the only thing that face the music. The lyrics are an ode to comfort within an industry personality, and how nothing is going to change that. SPL Haiti drops an interesting verse as well, with the flamboyance and energy of a manic composer. There is an intensity that can be felt in the tremors that the bass produce, and that is the highlight of the song.

Trap Pap found his success with Street Language, his single from June, this year. Since then, he has improved in parts, with more detail and care to the kind of lines that populate the song. He has a motive, and he isn’t going to stop till he burns through mediocrity. Listen to his latest single here, and explore his catalogue on Spotify: