No one should tell Tre K how a groove goes. This talented musician has been creating songs for a long time, and some of them are way too addictive. This latest one creates that buzz that you want for your party, and just to get it all grooving. Here is his single, Cookout

The hip-hop you hear here is nothing like any other artist. If I have to be honest, it is a feverish energy that has explosives of another quality zeal in between. This musician has treated us with quite a lot of hits, but this one takes the cake. That jumping beat and lyrics get packed in a song slightly over 2 minutes. The punch is felt in the way the galloping beat and lyrics take over. Laced with autotune, you can see Tre K lay down some hot pepper with a single like this. It is the kind of music that will change the tune of your get-together. This is what makes it into a party. The production ensures you’re really swerving to this single, and you can bet it’ll get the dance floor packed. 

This track is from his album, The Coldest Veins. Chock-full of great hits, this album is the culmination of quite some talent and energy. You can listen to his single below and follow him for more music like this. Now get cooking!: