Trę K is a New Jersey-based rapper, and musician with unrivaled charisma and energy. And it is evident in his work. Exploring themes like love, money, society, politics, and emotions, his music provides a fascinating dimension to them. The artist cultivates his own culture by leveraging popular art/design/styles and elevating it with his expertise. Exodus Love is the artist’s latest album, released in late 2022. Featuring nine tracks, it includes some of Trę K ‘s greatest work like Kiss Me More, Choppa, and Best THOT Ever. 

Kiss Me More opens the final segment of the album, headingTrę K – Kiss Me More SnotBoy 2 and Closer. With a runtime of less than two minutes, the track is a hectic mood upper with its racing verses, pulsing beats, and sonic hyperactive. It’s urgent and passionate. With the sped up version of Doja Cat’s hit song, Kiss Me More forming the backdrop, the track glows with a neon romance. Its tightly packed contents are released with a zeal that hooks into you. The hyper-driven elements, in addition to being tremendously fun, are sonically powerful and addictive. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Kiss Me More by Trę K here –