Trevour Amunga pairs his hip-hop with some rich, dynamic soundscapes. With synth and pop elements, it is evident that this rapper wants to take a different route in performing and creating. With the kind of lyrics he chooses, you’ll know instantly that his music means everything to him. This is his latest single, 86 Porsche.

Effects flow in different styles, pouring into this cauldron of melodies. He wants to travel to a new world, something with different effect, feeling and style. The beat drops accent his flow, creating something of a punch in his lyrical impact. The sharp verses often dissipate, really delving into the instrumental and what it creates. Some love, some truth and a desire is translated with his song. This single is from his latest EP, Reflexions and Strings-a scintillating experience through his style. Trevour Amunga brings a touch of lyrical parallax that many rappers refuse to explore. For him, it’s just the way he is wired.

Trevour got huge with his hit single, EuphoriAA. His 2021 album, For Akira, is full of superb writing, production and flow. You can check him out in the numerous playlists he is featured in, and the styles he chooses to explore. He has collaborated with numerous musicians, featured on several songs. Listen to his creative approach to hip-hop here with us!: