V of 40M collaborates with some of the most talented underground Hip-Hop artists like Hippie G and 40M Tye for his sophomore release, Pwr. He also enlists the sophisticated mixing and production skills of Arab Mxfia, to seamlessly connect the empowering propaganda in the verses.

The track is mounted on the hallmarks of revolution, its power simmering beneath, built gradually to slowly infuse the spaces within the mind. There’s passion, style, resistance, promise, and prowess. With every verse, the artists assert the universal and indiscriminate right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Punctuated by beats and ample basslines, the verses ring with resonance. Its critical depiction of the tragic state of society comes alive in the emotive lines of melodies. Their singular stream draws out the empty feeling of unhappiness and injustice.

The artists compel profound connections with sound. Using proficient rhythm design and animated sound tangents, they erect a conceptual landscape of power by illuminating its corruptive gory and liberating glory. The track carries the slow-burn rap style that the artist laid down in his debut single, Way Back (Warning); revealing the artist’s penchant for intense and dramatic song construction and evolution.

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