V of 40M is a machine behind the madness. His flow and lyrical capability shine through in all his music, and his rhymes are uncapped. There is a fizz and bubble in the way he puts across his music. His latest song is a hook and sinker, this one is called The Score

The way he navigates the beat on the unconventional canvas is worth observing in awe. There is a jump and elasticity to the kind of beat used in this song. V of 40M is keeping the facts real, all while delivering some heavy bars that dust the gold off. There are R&B moments intertwined for a perfect balance, Hippie G and 40m Tye collaborating on this single. Finding the teammates that elevate your music is important, so V of 40M is bringing the balance along. You can hear his sharp writing not straying away, keeping the force within his palms for the entirety of this beast track. There is that same brute force in these songs like in Martin Luther and Way Back (Warning). 

V of 40M is always putting forth some great music, which will be ideal for your hip-hop lists. His rhymes are sharper, better and deliver more quality than many of his peers. Listen to his track here and follow him for more!: