Valencrime throws you deep into the groove with his latest single, Daswassup. This is from his latest EP, Catchphrase Bricks. With a chorus that sticks and verses that are inspired by some of the best, this song is hip-hop at its classiest.

With echoing, voluminous beats going straight for the jugular, this track is solid without lyrics. The verse and chorus just elevate it to another degree of cool. With resounding beats and a kick that hits like your caffeine-the verses are tight and in frame. From greats like Jay Z and Common to even Mos Def, the writing is precise and has a rhythmic flow that would work without a beat as well. The chorus comes around with a playful zing to it, a flavour that is the sweet after the savoury. Valencrime knows you’re coming into the deep end, he’s guiding you with several tricks along the way.

Catchphrase Bricks comes after his 2021 single, Bout My Word, that has become his most popular track. With 4 super singles in this EP, this is going to rise in heat and form with the kind of work put in. There is a miraculous respect for the groove and narrative here, an artist of another pedigree. Listen to his track here: