Wordplaii brings the kind of verses in hip-hop that have a soul. They carry dreams, and are a container of many moods. The writing is something that is essentially an original element of progress and heart for a musician who bares it all in his songs. This one is called Downhill, and brings his vulnerability with refreshing honesty.

The soothing R&B tune as the background adds a lot of flavour to the song. It has this hung melancholy, but is tinged with the colour of hope as well. This music lasts, not because it is a fad, but as an internal monologue that is dying to escape. This is why Wordplaii has verses that are echoing with reason and hope. Downhill brings a lot of heartbreak and pain, the struggle being a boulder. It is through spirit and resilience that this artist is going to pass through, and the road is not easy. You can listen to the kind of music he usually writes and see the kind of effect such superb melodies have on the heart. He is one with the circumstance, and there is only moving forward from here. 

Wordplaii has brought some great aspects to his music, especially his detail oriented compositions. Songs like Habits and Circles are extremely relatable, an admission of life to be lived. You can listen to his music and follow him on his Spotify for more like this: