Samwood Andre, aka Xu is a rapper and hip-hop artist. He has a contemporary edge, as he blends components of neo-soul, mellow funk, and even slights of blues into his verse flows. This latest release, ‘Nascar’ is composed with asymmetric rhythm patterns, where the autotuned flows are dilated and mercurially truncated. The trip-hop beats and the synths intuitively contract and expand, emulating the vocals in emotion, charisma, and style. Listeners of Future, Travis Scott, and Young Thug are sure to enjoy the work of this artist.

iTunes Artwork for 'Nascar - Single (by Xu)'

The track’s main emotional vein is the vocal expression. It is incredible how they emboss readily, buoyant and floating up and above the web of beats and double harmonies. One long soliloquy, full of real time sentiments, memories, and stories.

Xu debuted in 2022 with his single, ‘Pretend’ and set the tone and style of his discography. With his vocals at the center of it, his command grabs the beats, orchestrates the rhythm, and dispels melody. He followed up with ‘License to Live’ in the same year. 2024 saw the release of ‘729’ and ‘Nascar’.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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