Zenodro makes a hypnotic potion with his new release, Ven Aqui, featuring Zano. The New Jersey-based artist is great at orchestrating mystery that tips with a promise of mystique. The rapper and songwriter swirl with style and effortless appeal, charming his listeners with his simple and graceful arrangements. With industry titans like Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Kanye West, and Eminem as his prime influences, the artist’s work has a delectable old-school sophistication that throws us wayyyy back!

The track is equal parts rap and pop. With multi-textured synth melodies cruising under the radar, the verses rise smoothly like tides. Recurring vocal leitmotifs carve out an addictive pathway, as the sweltering sensuality in the verses creates a calmative daze. With popping beats and ricocheting basslines, the soundscape is contoured by murmurs of thunder, as the mantric lines rain down on us with an immutable rhythm.

The artist debuted his virtuosic, hip-hop flair in 2019 with his single, Reminice, and has since been consistently adding to his unique catalog of hip-hop music. Wrapped in alluring swag and suavy chic, the artist’s signature charismatic flow, and urban finesse are beyond addictive.

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You can listen to Ven Aqui by Zenodro featuring Zano here –