Vulnerability in music is like opium. You just can’t get enough! For when the emotions and sentiments bleed into the folds of euphony, they are distilled by the force of rhythm and clarified by the expanses of melodies. Zoplo’s brand of disillusioning verses, seamless melodies, and raw evocation make for a ravishing listening experience. With their new single, Are We There Yet?, Zoplo alludes to the happiness that constantly seems to evade us.

A sparkling canvas of glassy synths and acoustic melodies forms the backdrop for the rolling pop-rap verses. The slow swells of the melodic tides in the chorus are majestic and soothing. And the warm baritones drive us to a transfixing emotional high. In their verses, Zoplo points at the obvious cleavages in the social fabric that keeps us from the happiness that we’re all seeking.

Zoplo is a Blind hip-hop-inspired vocalist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. They started writing music in their adolescence when they were involuntarily committed to psychiatric facilities across North America. Known for their powerful lyrical expositions and moving vocals, the artist has opened for several artists like Yung Lean, Tech N9ne, Odd Future, Riff Raff, Rittz, Madchild, and D12 to name a few.

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