New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and artist, Billie Fitz, has released his third single of 2022, Skipped a Beat. Fitz is a musician who has not only heard music before but has felt it. His unique sound profile and beautiful musical arrangements can be seen in his previous work, 1522 Blues, Poets, At the Beach by the Ocean, and others.

Groovy guitar melodies and beats open the song, overlapping each other with a circling rhythm. Almost instantaneously, we find ourselves in the center of the musical illusion. Fuzzy and warm, the melodies create a chill, relaxing vibe as they surf the gentle waves of percussion. The vocal texture readily blends in with the melodies as the lyrics tell a story of love at first sight.

The artist elegantly expands the soundscape by inculcating walls of swirling synths and entrancing beats. We see streaks of neon synths shooting across the track as vulnerable vocals flood it with emotions and all the feelings. A mellow and soothing composition, the track puts you in a haze and softens the edges of our world with its psychedelic weaves. It’s compelling and persuasive as it dips into you and consumes you.

Reminiscent of Tame Impala and The Weeknd, the song is trippy as hell with its mazelike musical arrangement. The sparkling soft emotions of the song allow your mind to wonder and wander into old memories and happy places.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Gaana!

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