When a serendipitous connection brought Jordan Speare and Sean Cooper together, Burn The Lourve was formed. The Hamilton-based indie duo is a match made in heaven. With congruent artistic visions and a profound love for composition and playing, the duo’s work shows off virtuosic songwriting and excellent presentation. Honolulu by Burn The Lourve is the last song of their brand new album, Silhouettes. 

The track has pronounced acoustic silhouettes. It opens the song and bleeds alongside the stripped-down melancholy of the baritone vocals. The glistening exponents contour the stories within the lyrics, manifesting vanishing images and love trails. Thin as they are, the guitar melodies texturize the silver gloom of the fuzzy basslines. What’s interesting about the track is how the artists harness the blues and carve it intentionally alongside its upbeat rhythm, hearty lyrics, and gleaming melodies. 

This debut full-length album carries eleven songs, with all the songs, released one by one, over the course of 11 months. Driven by acoustics, narrative lyricism, and nostalgic vocals, the album rings with vintage rock, blues, and Americana undertones under the indie umbrella. 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music! 

You can listen to Honolulu by Burn The Lourve here-