Cadenti has always been a secretive element as a project. W O L F C L U B’s Chris Paul Martin has this passion project that wants to expand the parallel world of synth pop that he knows. This is another addictive single he puts out after Heartbreak Undercover. This is called Bleed

That electric guitar riff is sweet, salty and every bit of savoury. Looking at the production of his band, Cadenti had to have original, high quality music because of the precedent set before this. The crash into the verse section doesn’t disappoint. It is running, nay, spearing through with the flavours of the synthwave and retro instrumental style seeping through every part. The production quality is absolutely brilliant, making for some really mesmerizing parts without butchering any crafted parts with an overexposed sense of “permeating retro”. Like the previous song released, this one too is a big fragment of how Chris Paul Martin views the music he loves and style he has propagated through this genre. It is true love, that has pushed him to make more within this glimmering world of neon and dissipating, techno colours. 

You can listen to the other single by Cadenti on Spotify, and follow him for more that is sure to come. You can also check out other singles by W O L F C L U B, if that’s the kind of music that absorbs you. Listen to the single here, and be sure to follow for more: