Refreshing indie pop comes from the mind of Carson Aday. It is nothing less than sensational, how simple and well crafted his music is. A refreshing drink of water on a sultry day, there’s a good chance he has a good grasp of your time and space. This is his latest single, Fade Away. 

The tonality and tenacity of this masterpiece is what makes it so sticky. Carson Aday is bringing a very minimal palette to this track, but that’s what remains memorable. His song has the soothing pop string playing, soft synth in the background and of course his melodic voice. He brings it all together with great finesse, especially the transitions between verse to chorus and bridge being particularly spectacular. The chorus remains with you a long time after the song is done, that radio vocal effect coming in very handy for something so effectively simple. Carson Aday has found the holy grail, and it’s just lemonade that inspires.

His songs like Molly, Midnight on a Flower Moon and the album by the latter name are some things you have to check out by this artist. Keeping it simple, honest and still making sure that all that glitters is gold, Carson Aday is ploughing ahead with a lot of hits in his pocket. One this is for sure, he isn’t going to fade away very soon: