Carson Ferris can’t stop producing hits. The young indie pop star has been on almost every indie music playlist for his fiercely independent, swimmingly lovely music. From the simplicity of the lyrics washing down to his honest performance, each song echoes a love for life and relationships. This is his latest single, Talkin’ to You. 

It so tends to happen that most love flourishes in conversation. Carson Ferris feels the same way too. Experimenting with some electronic infusions throughout the song, Carson brings that young zeal to his latest. It is transparent, cute and exactly the kind of simplicity musicians seem to be straying away from. A fan of a lot of contemporary music, Carson and his team are ensuring the kind of quality that is produced is nothing short of extraordinary. Just like the young man’s talent. A glass of wine and a mellow evening, or a dance party-Carson Ferris has you covered for them all. Some musicians just know how to make a hit song look easy. 

Singles like Drive Alone and Speed Limit await you in his catalogue. You can get why this resonates with us so easily, there are no complications to scare you away. These are melodies for music’s sake. With this kind of fire and spirit, we’ll have to put a gauge to where Carson flies off. Listen to his latest single with us here!: