Cloud Ray is revitalizing pop and hip-hop through his own developed style. Though it appeals as commercial pop, there are nuances from this artist that make him a unique starboard on the fleet. His latest single is an amalgamation of this vision along with pushes he has made to find his own niche within the expanding genre. This is his latest single, Burn it Down.

First comes the ridiculously catchy hook. It is smart, groovy and has encapsulated the rhythm of the song in every way. By the time Cloud Ray gets into the verse, you’re in for a musical treat, something that you’d like to dance to. This artist has a finger on the pulse of the music scene, the kind of songs dance floors ache to put out. His 2022 EP Urban City Elegance is a mark of that, along with styles that he wants to disperse his talent into. An enigmatic persona is the charm projected, and Cloud Ray keeps the temperature up till the “Burn it down” chorus. The simple chord progression is kept through the muffled piano notes-while the percussion tells you how and where to move. The New Jersey native is bringing flavours to you that you wouldn’t have tasted before. Bon Appétit!

Let Me Go, 404 User Not Found and Can’t Blame You are some of his best tracks. Inspired by pop and R&B juggernauts along with hip-hop legends-he is bringing the best of both worlds with his catchy melodies. Listen to his singles and make sure you follow him!: