Coloured Clocks is the musical moniker of singer-songwriter and indie producer and artist, James Wallace. His style vastly strays to explore and conceptualize abstract facets of the human experience. The artist has just put out his latest album, Rainbow Mountain. And as the name suggests, the twelve-track collection dabbles in surreal and dreamy constructs. Insightfully designed with effervescent synth flows and electric guitar melodies, the album leaves a distinct artistic imprint. Extracted from this album is the track Straight Down The Road. Listen Now!

The track carries a whole lot of retro nostalgia, built into contemporary synth fusions. James’ baritones streak through the expanding soundscape, narrating love poems with a romance that adds to the dreamy dimensions. Engulfed in a haze of blues and a psychedelic daze, the track is reminiscent of a Tame Impala and Beach House-esque tranquility alongside an emulation of John Lennon and Nick Drake’s classic simplicity.

Coloured Clocks debuted in 2012 with his album, Zoo and has since architected a portfolio that carries my personal favorites like the Flora Album and the gleaming blues of the Test Flight Album.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Straight Down the Road from the Rainbow Mountain Album by Coloured Clocks here –