Founded by French multi-instrumentalist, Alexandre Canola, Comett is an alt pop project, influenced by funk, jazz, and neo-soul accents. The artist’s soundscapes are distilled and refined through filters of instrumentation. In his latest single, Driving in the Summer, Comett ’s magnificent sonic prism is colored with the images of summer. He clarifies the nuances of these frames with personal sentiment and stories. Listening to it reminds one of an ambient union of Nick Drake, Tom Misch, and FKJ. 

The track depicts the momentous evolutions of life and time. Its melodic pop elements are drawn into dazed loops of jazz and funk instrumentation. Soft acoustics glimmer across the soundscape, collected into the warm basket of Alexandre’s baritones. His vocals deliver refreshing cups of poetry, naturalistic and dreamy. Thick leaves of saxophone lines flush into the winking backdrop, its deliberate and meaningful frame elevating the emotion before melting away. The artist develops the gorgeous refractions of melody with orchestral set up. Ethereal violins ensembles are juxtaposed alongside the sax, reconciled by layers of harmonies. Listen Now! 

The song is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and iTunes. 

You can listen to Driving in the Summer by Comett here –