Cooldown (Cole Downing) is an indie rock artist from Atlanta, Georgia. With a penchant for blending genres , the artist beautifully weaves psychedelia with R&B elements and groovy funk rhythms to create trippy sounscapes. Fluoride by Cooldown is the latest new age alternative rock single that un-focuses your brain and gives you chill music high.

The intro is populated with slow inky synths, easy beats and steely cymbal touches. The intro rhythm cycle continuously grooves alongside the artist’s smokey vocals before emptying into the chorus. With bright sparkling synth melodies cushioned between the original rhythm cycle and vocals, the chorus is layered with compounding musical magic. The congruent harmony of many melody textures and pallets does wonderful things to the mind.

The song has a pleasant dizzying effect that numbs you to monotonous perspective and reveals the brightness hidden under the fabric of everyday life. A neon glow that dissolves the dominance of reality and exposes the allure of delicate subtleties. With sound profiles reminiscent of The Weeknd and Tame Impala, the song trickles into the small pockets of the mind and engenders dazzling psycho-activity. We also see electric guitar tunes in the latter part of the song that adds a new layer of funk melody.

If you’re looking for a mellow song to unwind to, Fluoride is the song for you. With calming vocals and colorful melodies, the song has an enchanting vibe. Available on Spotify!

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