British singer-songwriter and pop artist, Cormac has taken the world by storm with his incredible vocal talent. The young artist rose to fame with his debut album, “Hear My Voice” in 2020 and became the youngest singer to sign with global label, Decca Records. With his ardent releases and spectacular performances, he racked quite a fanbase and accolades. In his latest release, Cormac covers Sia’s hit song, Titanium. His soft and soulful rendition of the track shows off his mature emotional quotient without taking away from the innocence of his age. Listen Now! 

The artist replaces the hyperpop backdrop of the original song with piano acoustics and ethereal synth resonance; their soft lilting weaves set up to accessorize the crown jewel – his vocals. Burgeoning with touching sentiment, it carries the whole song. Progressively, the track is dressed in smooth orchestral builds with evocative violins and enrapturing melodic floods. The minimalist soundscape also highlights the clear and seraphic essence of his voice. It bleeds through the listener, acting as a medium to tap into a higher emotional frequency. Whilst retaining the contours of Sia’s version, Cormac elevates the thematic allure with his version. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Cormac’s cover of Titanium here –