Dee & d’Z is a musical duo that is known for the way they create energetic music with positive lyrics that touch several hearts. The project originated in 2020 when Austrian singer/songwriter Bernadette Dengler (Dee) paired up with Dutch drummer/composer/producer Hans-Peter de Zeeuw (d’Z). They bring life to their compositions with live recorded instruments that are beautifully composed to incur the most possible impact. Their music is what makes them so special. The way they balance musicality and vocals is just mesmerizingly amusing. Their distinctive approach toward music makes this duo one of the best. This is surely a duo that you will fall in love with their music.

I came across this duo through their latest release which is the radio edit of their debut named, ‘Flow (Radio Edit)’. The track is beautifully structured and woven with the most delicacy. The duo surely has released a debut that is gonna leave a mark on their discography. Their subtle use of soothing melodies packed with flowy vocals makes this track one of the finest works of art. The drums are greatly in sync with the melodies and the vocals. The harmonies and the choirs used are ecstatically spell-binding. The groove of the whole track will make your mind melt. This is surely one of the best tracks I have come across in the Nu-Jazz genre. Do give this a go and trust me you will fall in love with the amazing duo that has so much to offer to the world. The track surely left me begging for more just exactly like a good debut track.

You can catch a little glimpse of this amazing track right here-