Great indie pop production without too much reverb, the whole sound of this band is very compact. When I say band, I mean you can hear these are guys that have been in the rehearsal room for a long time together. Probably friends that started a band in high school and stayed together ever since.

Drunk Sober is taken from their 2021 EP Chateau Rouge. The guitar in the right speaker is slightly out of tune, that matches the drunk sober feeling. There is a sense of a sunny day with flamingos flying to the sun, but there is something off. The band is from Paris France. You can hear that a little in the slightly French accent in the lead vocals. This even adds to the authentic sound of the band.

Another thing that listeners are also triggered by is the very tight drums. Indie pop can be known for the ‘loose’ vibe, which can also add to a certain sound of course. But in this case the rhythm section is very tight. Also the slightly distorted bass is very nice to listen to.

In terms of mastering the song, Deputies have decided not to go along in the loudness war going on, which is great. But the master could have used a little bit more excitement. As a whole the sound is still very nice to listen to. This is a band we are definitely hoping to hear a lot on the radio, on Spotify and the other streaming services and festivals.