Casey Fictum, a drummer who divided his time between Omaha, NE, and Oakland, CA, goes under the moniker Ditch Litter. Fictum started a band and is pursuing his goal because he is passionate about writing pop tunes that are appropriate for boutique hotel lobbies. Fictum’s love of pop music and ambition to make music that is accessible to a wide audience are both expressed in the music of Ditch Litter. The band’s most recent album, “Briefly Pretend,” demonstrates Fictum’s commitment to his profession.

With its captivating tune, Briefly Pretend’s beginning rhythm captures the listener’s attention right away. The entrancing vocals are smooth and expressive, and the alternative pop style of the song perfectly complements them. The song’s original melody and enticing chorus are sure to draw in listeners that resonate with the track. The song’s lyrics are reflective and discuss the challenges of pretending to be someone you’re not. The drums on the song Briefly Pretend provide a steady pulse that goes well with the melody. The instrumentation is subtle but effective. Together, the guitar and bass effortlessly provide a unified sound that is cheerful and dreamy. The song’s production quality is great, with each instrument clearly distinguishable.

Overall, “Briefly Pretend” is a well-crafted alternative pop track that showcases Ditch Litter’s musical talent. the innovative melody and catchy chorus will have listeners hitting the repeat button for sure. Do give this track a go if you enjoy innovative music with some exquisite musicality. You can catch a little glimpse of the track Briefly Pretend by Ditch Litter down here-