Indie-pop outfit, Ex en Provence has released a new flavor of nostalgia in their new single, How Long Can We Hang? The outfit was formed when singer-songwriters Samuel Deschamps and Jan Blumentrath decided to collaborate to produce tracks that ignite the romantic escapism within us all.

Filtered synth reverberations open the song, forming a base for the soothing baritone vocals. Dripping with nostalgia, the conversational lyrics evoke soft tenderness that warms the heart. The canvass opens up, blossoming with bright synths that frolic like butterflies and birds in a spring forest. A slow punching beat rhythm winds around the pedantic vocal delivery and harmonies in the chorus.

The song is a total mood upper. Its feel-good blues are expressed in a variety of tempos, scales, and musical arrangements. Just when your brain thinks it has the song figured out, the song throws a delightful curveball at you, splashing with glee and warmth. In the second verse, the song transitions to a new scale, with a lifting tempo. Glistening synthetics make for a zealous dancing company, as it cascades all over until everything else is glistening. A disco-emo vibe lilts through the song like a hitchhiker, drifting across the roads of synths, leaving behind a romantic nostalgia in its wake.

Finally wrapping up with angelic layers of harmonies and soft synths, the song is reminiscent of a wild ride. After the euphoria wears off, a sweet pain blooms into being. We reach for the past, hoping to relive it again but are only left with a fading memory of times gone by.

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