François Marius is in love with Rasta. The genre has been far elusive to many of us, most could name only Bob Marley in the mainstream. However, there is a feel about the kind of groove that is laid out that would drive you wild. With relaxation. Here comes François’ latest single, Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT).

With his unique mumbling style as well as catchy chorus composition, there is a lot to enjoy in this kind of music. The way he integrates other instruments is worth absorbing. If you aren’t at the beachside by the end of the single, you haven’t really listened. François Marius shows his vocal delivery style, impressive to many hip-hop artists if they look at how clean his delivery is. Draw out the lyrics, and he paints the same kind of swirling image that might be the Van Gogh masterpiece. The section from 2:05 has some incredible instrumental parts, which might make you swallow your tongue. François Marius has ideas for composition that break out from the traditional Rasta sound. Yet when you enter that beach shack, you better be sure it is his music that is playing. The groove master extraordinaire won’t stop. 

Ça Roule Rastaman is his other big single that draws in the crowd. It is no sleight that it has reached almost 50k collective streams on Spotify. An artist like this will continue to surprise, and transport you to new places. Listen to his catchy number here!: