Grace & Moji have forged a unique sound, with dandelion souls and sunshine pouches. Sound and spirit comes together have their own place with their melodies, and they make extremely interesting music videos as well. Sad Times is a beautiful song to hear, now you have the visuals to accompany your imagination. 

The picturesque setting blurs with the retro VHS tape kind of filter. A little funny, very entertaining and superbly creative. There are moments of surrealism, crafted lyricism coming together in the visuals and strong imagery. It leads to you enjoying that rhythm even more, appreciating the art form and Grace & Moji defining their fingerprint. This is the freshest kind of indie pop you’ll get, and you feel the opposite of sad. Maybe the contrast is delivered with such a stark element that you’re dancing before you know it. Treating the song with great tempo and rhythm flow, Grace & Moji are on a cruising for a cruising. The cinematography is extremely impressive, taking you through some scenic pockets as well as a car drive that you’d like to take the same evening you listen to this. Sad Times? We’ll manage. 

You can catch definitive songs of theirs like Monster and Our Love. A Disney couple with access to the internet, the kind of topics they dive into is truly spectacular. Listen to their single here, and follow them here: