hyyypnos is a sublime dream-pop and hip-hop artist. His work is drenched in a sedative allure that creates a sense of highness in the listener. The textures that he imbibes align with the softness of bedroom pop and the silkiness of psychedelia. This combination especially comes out in his latest EP, ‘Paradise’. Across eight tracks, he explores the cerebral sensibilities of falling and being in love as paradise. Taken from this collection is ‘sunkisses’ in which hyyypnos does some of his best work. Both ideation and production wise.

The track is presented like a glassy sphere, flushed with delicate glints of euphoria, surreality, and even magic. Listening to it takes you back to the sweetness of youthful love. The soundscape is lined with lo-fi hip-hop beats, its soft pulsing rhythm tying in with the ambient tones and energy of the rest of the song. And finally, his vocals, warm baritones of absolute romance, blooming alongside the glassy synths with authentic sentiment. Listen Now!

hyyypnos debuted in 2019 with his single, ‘told u’ and has since released five singles and two albums. Go check out his discography if you enjoy dreamy sonic detailing.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘sunkisses’ by hyyypnos here –