For some, music is a drug. You could, in that sense, call some musicians drug manufacturers. That is what Jonny Ong does, with his strain of psychedelic music. Oscillating between rock and pop, it has a sense of rhythm that shouldn’t be associated with genre, but just enjoyed. This is his latest single, Don’t Wake Me from This Dream.

A multi-instrumentalist from Singapore, this artist doesn’t really need this article. Yet I am going to shower praise on his work, the way he composes is a prolific format. His 2021 album Isolation is a milestone for any musician starting out, what craving and desperation for creative flow and company can make. This track doesn’t lose the upper hand he has developed, having a kick-ass chorus and effective use of instrumental breaks. Essentially an indie rock roller coaster, the video attached below makes it much more. The second half is almost another school of music, another lucid dream channelled through some different ether.

His single Wishful Thinking has got upwards of 400k streamers. AC/DC can’t boast those numbers for some tracks on their new album. Jonny Ong with his mesmerizing vocals and lyrics with these effortless instrumentals show a mirror to another dimension, where he rules supreme. Listen to his single here: