We must enjoy Josh Tepper and his meteoric rise. He has been releasing catchy, emotive music for some time now, and he is finally starting to get his dues. His music has that missing edge mainstream pop has, this bare-all honesty along with what drives the musician. As a listener, this is the kind of music I want to hear and enjoy. This is his single from 2022, Built Me. 

I remember when this came out, I was listening to an indie playlist. Hearing this the second time shows me how polished, yet simple this song is. As a love song, it seems like he is singing it to you, and the layers flood in, especially in the chorus. It is an immersive and stylish song, with Josh Tepper putting down some incredible vocals. There is a plethora of effects to obsess over, but it seems all tailored to this song. The chorus is like a mini-explosion, having that tasteful drop that lets you know what is so special about the song. Josh also knows how to make the song an addiction, he snips it exactly after the lyrics and doesn’t force any element into the experience.

 Josh Tepper has been absolutely slaying it lately with his singles like Guide Me Meron and Poison Apple. His voice, production and style have changed considerably, and it is signature to hear as a sound. You can listen to his catchy single here!: