Lady Captain brings us sketches of life with her unique sound. Like Bridgers, she chooses themes of love, loss and realities of heartbreak. A phenomenal writer and tremendous performer, you’ll always find a reason to get hooked to her songs. Today we listen to her latest single, 1970’s Build. 

Whether she is reminiscing about the time itself or the simplicities therein, it is done with creative maturity and justice. Her vocals are a reminder of truth that is not sugar-coated. Yet, the melody helps you levitate, and create a whole new plane of sound. The tones in the song appear crisp, the production is as good as the performance by Lady Captain herself. You are soon caved into this cocoon of emotional vulnerability, which she writes exceptionally for. There is a lightness to the track that is equally offset by the hard hitting lyrics. The singing really drives you home, makes you want to revisit it for the theme in itself. It is a hallmark of a musician to be able to create a balance between songwriting with the listener’s perspective. She does it with a finesse unlike any other. 

Her other single, Relics-Phone Demo Version, has got more than 23k streams. Relatable essences are crystallized as the imprints of the song. Her songs inspire, and will continue to inspire because of the honesty involved. Listen to her lovely single here: