Lilac Frog is a British producer and electronic and indie-pop artist with a propensity for colorful sonic design. His style is simplistic and timeless, with his synths taking on indie structures. In his latest double single, Flying Without Wings, Lilac Frog collaborates with singer-songwriter, Mia Robson, to deliver feel good tracks, Happy Ending and Friends and Strangers. With romantic melancholia and dreamy sensibilities, these two tracks carry a chill vibe that is sure to improve your mood. Listeners of Chainsmokers, Rozes, and Zedd are sure to enjoy the immersive experience of Lilac Frog. 

Happy Ending opens with glinting acoustic lines sailing through the mellifluous sky of Mia’s vocals. The backdrop is an electronic silhouette that dips in and out of the color in the forefront. Muffled beats bubble to the surface before exploding with color in the chorus. Friends and Strangers is the B-side. Lilac Frog’s glassy baritones are set against a melancholic mosaic of synths. Its rich emotional atmosphere is dictated by the stories of love and cheating.

The artist’s music reflects a youthful spirit and passion. And with his stellar production, he is able to elevate the way in which we experience these feelings. With emotion at the core, he builds a musical empire dedicated to it. He debuted early last year (2022) with Vividity and has since released eight singles including this one. 

The track is available for streaming on all major sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and iTunes! 

You can listen to Flying Without Wings by Lilac Frog featuring Mia Robson here –