A few can navigate sound like Max M. The quality of output is ridiculous, almost unbelievable. The attention to detail shows in his music, and the sound is a curated curio that can be revisited as though an art display at a museum. Today, we look at his incredible 2021 single, Coming Through.

As the vocals’ ballet through the maze of instrumentals, there are a few details I absolutely adored. The incredulous balance between the melodic pipes and charming, gentle rhythm section is done to perfection. The bass envelops you, pulsating with the energy that the lyrics carry. To all young musicians starting out in the electronic music genre, take out your notepads and pay attention. That is how you execute a good chorus, where there is a balance of electronic pizazz, but doesn’t waste away the potential of a good drop. There are some experimental pockets where the verse has newer elements added the second time around. The verse section is catchy in itself, but Max M takes it that many notches higher. It is a dance/party track with all the feel good energy required for the night and the day.

Though this track remains the most streamed from this artist, songs like Imaginary Problems and If This is What It Feels Like have been popular as well. The ability to contain an entire emotional spectrum in the song while making creative choices with the electronic compositions is really something. Listen to his single here: