A liminal space between dream and reality. That’s where Monroe Moon and their music doesn’t just exist, it flourishes. They are an indie pop duo with dreamy arrangements, using whatever they can to harness the unexplainable powers of the ether. Their latest song, ¡ Get Up !, might help you get there.

Reverb heavy guitar leads with piano envelopes open up this track. It flatlines to a beautiful rhythm that is supported by a soft, clicking beat-something that doesn’t distract from the kind of lyrics that they write. They are introspective, dark and borderline on honest dream scenarios. The synths play an important role in changing the tone to a fuller, richer sound. The chords aren’t spread out or split, instead they are the prelude to the lyrics, helping you to read into the swimmingly defining meanings they have dreamt of. This mellow theme continues for the track, the chorus having a signature sound of only a slight inflection of tone. This is a beautiful song with the approach, and the space they want to create, to be comfortable.

Monroe Moon found their most popular track with WAR. Choosing a relatively suppressed form of rhythm, their focus lies on creating a cocoon for really imbibing yourself in the lyrics they write. Hopefully these dreams are open-source, anyone can slide in and out. Breath(e) and Glad to Exist are some other joyful tracks they have put out. Play on the edge of your thought field, here: