Rebecca Ray is an artist who has been covered on this blog before for her track ‘Sigh’. Her unique ring to her vocals is what makes her so special and one of our favorite coverages so far. She eloquently writes beautiful melodies that run deep in emotions and find a way to the heart of the listeners. She will take you to the highest of heights and down under with her lyrics and emotional delivery. This is surely an artist to be discovered! Give her a go and I promise you, you will be stuck on her for life. Her intoxicating musical and lyrical accolades will caress your heart and make it giggle with joy.

I discovered this artist and was surely amazed by her vivid discography which packs some true gems. Each of track is like a perfect piece of art painted with delicacy and absolute care to deliver the intended emotion. The track that got me writing this blog is ‘Chill With You’ which is one of Rebecca’s best creations. She paints some vivid pictures with her immersive music that is laced with some heartfelt lyrics. The track is surely a productional wonder that features some ecstatic musical elements that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

“Rebecca Ray is a true magician when it comes to painting vivid emotions into pictures that only the hearts that love can see.”

All-in-all this is an amazing track to put on if you’re sipping wine with your dearest one on a Saturday night. This track will surely induce some profound emotions in your heart and your mind. Give it a listen down here-