Driven by the Divine Purpose, Second Adam and The New Creations is dedicated to bring glory and honor to God through music. They explore the infinity of faith and belief using sophisticated arrangements of indie rock and melodic pop. The beauty of their message resides in the humility with which it is delivered. Listening to their magnanimous weaves puts us in a ruminative headspace that is reserved for precious devotion and prayer. In their latest single, Cool and the Flame, Second Adam and The New Creations explore the nature of sadness to discover the path to joy and exaltation. The song is part of an 8-track album called Pilgrim’s Progress.

Its lilting synths and fuzzy riff beds alongside the warm baritones arrange themselves into soothing frameworks of emotion and sentiment. Listeners of Coldplay and Oasis are sure to enjoy the tranquil soundscapes of this band.

The track is incredibly beautiful. Exuding luminescence, its lulling textures induce a soaring high that makes us conscious of the grandeur of existence. The surreal build is designed to suspend the listener from themselves and liberate them from the barriers of the blue mind.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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