Indie-Pop duo Sophie and Alex Dorsten have done it again with their new single Whisper in the Dark. With emotive valleys of vocals and instrumentation, the single settles into you like a fantasy.

The track is embedded with deep emotions that are freed by Sophie’s enchanting vocals. Its timbre is heavy-set and powerful with passion. A rustic retro aesthetic loops through the acoustic guitar, piano accents, and vocal emotion. It’s hard to keep yourself from getting lost in the pool of haunting melancholy of old worlds. And, of course, there are mounting romantic elements that are irrevocably woven into the song. Like the velvet mystery in the vocals, the waltzing rhythm of the strings, and the twinkling tragedy of the piano keys.

And, however you slice it, the vocals unfailingly seize the spotlight. It’s like a golden relic of the past, gleaming like a crown jewel, true to its nature. Its voluptuous curves and fullness are reminiscent of Adele’s work while its glimmering falsettos and dainty aesthetic are similar to Billie Eilish’s style. But this cannot mean to negate the magical atmosphere that Alex creates with his masterful instrumentation. The beautiful coalescence of this sonorous composition will have you gasping with wonder.

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