SV is a composer like Rick Rubin, with a love for creating music as well. He might be known as an enigma, but his music will sound like something that was featured in your favourite TV show. Songs that he touches have his signature approach, production quality and an unmistakable signature embroidered within. This is his latest single featuring Alyssa Jane, Down to Zero

A mainstream pop track would have a stretched out chord structure as the opening. Not from SV, he’s been part of the fabric for too long. With piano and a unique beat that capitalizes on groove work-he whittles the spaces to have enough vocals and rhythm work to make anyone in the hit factory jealous. The instrumentals recede when the lyrics hold power, like the tides giving way to the majesty of the shoreline. Dynamic, independent and tailored to perfection, SV makes sure the listening experience is like a fairytale you’ve never heard before. The way he structures the music is where the crown lies, pivoting at the right turns and finding niches where the groove can rest. Like watching a master composer wave his baton, metaphorically.

His 2022 single How Did it Feel with Ariana Celaeno is something you might have heard in indie playlists. Catchy, recognizable and simple melodies are the hallmark of his music skill. Blending tempos and rhythms that many might not dare to touch is his MO. Listen to his single with Alyssa to feel the music course through you: