You might be missing that sweet Americana vibe from your playlists. It’s a genre I love, it has a storytelling art to it which is quite difficult to master. The Taproots bring their rhythmic, joyful version of it to us with their latest single, California Life.

The highlights might be the compatible vocals, harmonizing and trading lines to create an enthralling atmosphere of sound. There are derivative pockets of blues sound, something I loved hearing as additions to the verse. It adds the spice and really brings a lot of zeal and ecstatic purpose to the song. What surrounds you eventually is a merry rhythm, riant lyrics and the gentle rattle of the desert drive. It is a refreshing track to listen to and definitely a powerful opening number for their album, Tales of Wonderland. It is a brilliant debut album, with a lot of promise. 

The Taproots are the answer to overproduced, digitally embalmed music. This comes from the soul and is stirring, hopeful and shows a talent of music within the group. Bringing rhythms that have made the rounds for centuries, there is a signature element in each artist’s interpretation of the genre. We can’t wait to hear what else this duo has got for us, with their unique way of building a song. Listen to their single and debut album here: