Six-year-old Tom Tikka began playing the guitar after hearing Paul Anka’s “Lonely Boy” while riding in his father’s old Chevrolet. Soon after, he started to compose songs. The first recording agreement Tikka signed was for a solo album with the little independent label Olarin Musiikki in Finland. Regrettably, the EP he produced for the label disappeared as soon as it was made available. Tikka departed from music for a few years after being disappointed, but he returned after his brother Lappe Holopainen suggested that they collaborate on songwriting. Lappe had started a group that he thought would succeed. Carmen Gray was the name of this group. In 2005, Sony/BMG signed Carmen Gray. Three albums and an EP were afterward recorded by them. Carmen Gray disbanded in 2013.

I recently discovered this artist through his solo project, ‘Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps’. He has released a total of 5 singles, 2 EPs, and 2 albums. He recently released an album named ‘Better Man’, this album has a total of 10 tracks and each one of them will surely blow your mind away. There was this particular track in the album that took my heart to a whole new level. The track is named ‘Venetian Rubber Boots’. This track packs some amazing lyrics blended with heartfelt instrumentation. I was surely carried away by the innovative approach of the artist. The way all the instruments are weaved together is simply mesmerizing. This is surely a track to be explored if you’re into intricate music that touches the heart. Do give it a go, you will surely love it.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-