Winnipeg-based indie-pop and electronic ensemble, VIKINGS have dropped their double single, Tanlines / Swimming at Night after a 3-year-long hiatus. It additionally features an Ash Halo Remix of Tanlines and a radio edit of Swimming at Night.

Having spent their lockdown in back-to-back studio sessions, the outfit has come out with their new musical discoveries. “The lead single, Tanlines is a pop number that was born out of experimentation inspired by adventure and love,” VIKINGS explained.

A pumping rhythm and an addictive groove open the song. Immersed in the synths, the dance beats will have you jamming and moving. The baritone vocals scale the mosaic of melodies with growing warmth. The track’s refreshing textures and feel-good musical cocktails are instant mood-uppers.

Showcasing a vacation love story, basking and thriving under the patronage of the sun, sea, and sand, the track is loaded with addictive hooks and dreamy guitar melodies. We also see breezy leitmotifs that adorn the song with golden emotions. The bridge is populated with molten keyboard melodies that heighten the passion of the vocals.

With Dave McNabb on synths and drum programming, James McNabb on synth samples, and Josh Youngson on keys, vocals, and guitars, Tanlines is only the first of many upcoming releases in the next few months. Showcasing diverse and distinct styles and themes, as evidenced in their discography, the band has an expansive musical range and skills that is sure to charm you and keep you on your toes.

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