William Hut is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Bergen, Norway, with a compositional talent that is sure to mesmerize you. His sound pallets are blended to produce rich cups of feel-good sonics. In his new release, Don’t Give Up, William Hut urges us to fly into our potential with autobiographical lyricism that has a gusto of its own. Electric synths and harmonies splash wonderfully against the textured fabric of the vocals to form a vibrant soundscape.

This mellow indie-pop is made magnificent with its brimming incandescent joy and sanguine melodies. With streams of harmonies and bejeweled melodies making delightfully warm cocoons around the vocals, the track is wonder euphonized. The artist has been a musician for a long time now.

Having toured the world several times, and been praised internationally for his work with Norwegian Grammy winner, Poor Rich Kids, Hut has had time to forge his talent into a unique sonic imprint. He released his debut EP, Scarlet in 2001 and quickly followed with an album, Red Star Doolittle in the same year. Since then he has put out six albums (some of them have sold gold and platinum) and thirteen songs!

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