A hearty mosaic of whimsical melodies, warm hooks, and alt-country goodness is what you get when you plug into Patchen Avenue by Alec Berlin. Taken from the album with the same title, the instrumental opens your eyes to all the small goodies that are hiding in plain sight. Or at the very least, it makes you feel incredibly good and evokes fresh happiness.

The artist weaves a variety of guitar flavors and textures into the track. With the alt-country variant taking dominance, we see recurring accents of folk patterns and soft-rock accents. Slightly skimming over nostalgic pools of jazz and crossing skies of blues, the melodies gracefully dive into the babbling country brooks.

And, the rhythm is dreamy, maintained by an engaging beat structure. The transitions are smooth and with every curve in the melody, you get a fresh batch of tunes that have this magnificent effect of uplifting your soul with musical folklore and alluring soliloquies. Berlin has been tearing up stages of all sizes in NYC for quite a while now ranging from intimate downtown venues all the way to Radio City Music Hall. His hook-y instrumental songwriting will have you singing along.

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